Friday Wrap-up wk#1

Welcome to the first in our Friday Wrap-up series.  There are so many interesting things that I run across during the week that I want to share, and rather than make you wait for me to get around to writing a big post for each, I thought I would just do a quick post every Friday to keep you up to date.


image credit: Killer Robot Designs

This week I’ll start with this very on trend, reclaimed hanging light fixture from Killer Robot Designs, seen on The Steampunk Home.  Now if they could only find some more energy efficient bulbs that looked nearly as cool!


image credit: Mike Thompson

Speaking of energy efficient lighting looking cool, what do you make of the eerie glow of this single use lamp?  It seems even spookier when you discover it is powered using human blood! Seen on Inhabitat


image credit: Arms and Barnes

I’m always a sucker for reclaimed gears and other metal detritus, so these Arms and Barnes tables seen on Treehugger were sure to catch my eye.


image credit: Craftynest

And finally, to get you in the mood for Halloween (as though the blood lamp wouldn’t do it), here is Craftynest’s cute, easy to do magnetic photo frame project.  A clever and attractive use for some found objects.

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