Reclaimed Wood Furnishings

Guest blogger Christina Fluegge, of My Sparrow, is an accomplished interior designer who also has a line of beautiful and sustainable furniture and accessories…

There are so many options in green furniture these days, which is wonderful!  My favorite currently is reclaimed wood pieces.  Reclaimed wood furniture is widely available now, but how do you know which pieces are doing the most for the environment? 

A piece made of reclaimed wood is a great place to start but you can go even further to making a difference.  Look for pieces that are made locally in your area or at least in the country in which you live.  These pieces will help to save on fuel emissions and provide income for the local economy.    Another great quality to look for in a piece of reclaimed furniture is in the finishing process.  Try to find pieces that are treated with water based stains and wax finishes help to cut down on toxins in your home and in the manufacturing process.

Remember to read the labels and ask questions to make sure your furniture is doing the most for you and for the environment.

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