Green Interiors ≠ a Green Home

Our guest blogger this week is Wes Harding, President of Harding Construction & Sustainable Solutions. He is a college instructor, general contractor, certified green home rater, and energy auditor. He can be reached at

Baby steps are a good start!

So you’ve taken all the steps during your remodeling project to make sure what you bring in to your home doesn’t have toxic chemicals which could off gas and make you sick. You installed cabinets made out of grass, used zero VOC paints, non toxic based glues, FSC certified wood flooring and tile containing recycled content. Do you have a green home? The answer is no. Why? There is no silver bullet to green home and lifestyle, but instead a thousand silver BBs. Doing just a few green things, although very important, are only small steps.

It is important to purchase and install materials in your home that will not potentially harm you and are eco-conscious, but you still need to go one step further to make sure you address your home’s efficiency. I don’t care how green you claim to be, green should be measured by your utility bill.  So what if you compost! How much water, gas, and electricity do you consume? Is your house leaky or tight?  How old and efficient are your mechanical systems?

Over the week, I will be addressing the issues of a complete green home and why green interiors and exteriors, including energy efficiency and indoor environmental quality are so important. Both play a vital role and you really can’t have one without the other.

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