“Painting” With Light

A month or so ago, I wrote a post about the amazing lighting fixtures of Tanya Clarke.  Using old faucets, LEDs, and blown glass drops, she creates fixtures with the appearance of liquid light.  I marveled at the beauty of her idea.

Now two other designers have added some fresh coats of “paint” to the concept.

Meet the CANdle, by the design team at twenty5ive

And Pouring Light by product designer Yeongwoo Kim.

Resembling a can of paint, twenty5ive’s aluminum CANdle utilizes LED lamps to create a lightweight, durable, portable light fixture.

Intended for use as either a spotlight, or for ambient light, the CANdle is also suitable for outdoor use.

The Pouring Light Lamp by Yeonwoo Kim is a stylish and sustainable take on the classic desktop task lamp.  By using phosphorescent material in the “liquid” portion of the stand, the light given off by the interior LED can be stored in the material, and then continue to glow after the lamp is turned off.

Both of these fixtures are in the conceptual stage, but both speak to the possibilities inherent in the burgeoning realm of LED technology.  With their relatively small size and significantly lower temperatures, LEDs are already revolutionizing lighting design.  Let’s hope we continue to see such wonderful, innovative products hitting actual market shelves soon.

Note – Both of these products were found on Yanko Design, a terrific blog for keeping up with new and creative design solutions.

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