Recycled Retro – Modern Revision Writing Desk

As a person who can actually remember the early 70’s, I never though I would say the words “the avocado green ‘formica’ accents on this desk look so cute!”  But there – I just said them.  In fact, this desk is such a fantastic blend of nostalgia and modern style that I find myself feeling a bit wistful for the days when my Lite-Brite pegs would get lost in the avocado green shag carpet.

OK, maybe I’m not THAT nostalgic!

Nevertheless, Jody Racicot of  Modern Revision really got it right with this writing desk primarily made of recycled materials, including an old 1960s dinette top.

In order to construct the desk as sustainably as possible, he went so far as to fashion the drawer pulls from old skeleton keys.

Love the retro pattern on that yellow laminate desk top, don’t you?

Modern Revision’s stated goal is, “to make the line between new and old indistinguishable.”   I’d say that was certainly achieved with this piece.  Kudos!

Originally seen on Yanko Design

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