Etsy Find of the Week – Atelier 688 Rope Light


Simple, rustic, natural,… quirky.  Yep, everything that appeals to me today is summed up in the Manila Rope Light by Etsy seller Atelier 688.

Somehow, they have managed to keep the rope light from feeling like it’s part of some poorly conceived pirate theme restaurant.  Instead it has the air of something you would find in some cool, old factory space.  And you know how I love that!

Best thing is you can tie two together to create a truly funky “chandelier”

Atelier 688’s Etsy shop isn’t huge but what they have is definitely worth a looksee, including those beautiful silk military map pillows on the sofa above (worth an entire post of their own).  And get a load of the bike part antlers!  What do you think?


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