Working Wednesday – Blue Floor

A client and I are considering a blue floor for her laundry/sewing room.  She is a little wary of the idea (it IS a commitment), but I’m really falling in love with the cheerful combination of white, wood tones, and ocean blue floor.  Take a look…

via Metropolitan Home

via Desire to Inspire

Via House Beautiful

image by Scott Frances via CocoCozy


So what do you think of this look?  Too cool, or too much?  Always nice to get other opinions, so feel free to comment below.

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7 Responses to “Working Wednesday – Blue Floor”

  1. christian lee Says:

    I love it!!! I’m getting ready to move into a “new” house. I am going to give this some serious thought. Do you have any suggestions on how they got the sheen? Love it!

  2. rachelh Says:

    I imagine it depends on the flooring material. Some of the floors appear to be painted wood, so a high gloss floor paint would work for that. The others look like linoleum, and for that you would need to check with the manufacturer. In either case, the gloss really does seal the deal on how lovely these are, doesn’t it?

  3. Beth Says:

    That would be cute in a laundry room! I try to stay away from high gloss floors because they show every footprint and all the dust.

  4. christian lee Says:


    Can you email me this link?
    I think I am going to do the high gloss in a guest room (similar) to the one with the rocking chair. One of my rooms has the old pine walls and the floors need to be refinished. So why not?
    Beth, do you really think it would show everything being blue? I get a dark color would but was thinking the blue would be about right..

  5. rachelh Says:

    Oh shoot! I didn’t realize the links hadn’t worked out. I was trying a different way to add them. Anyway, the link is

    Also, if you are looking for a paint that will do this with, you can try Farrow & Ball’s Floor Paint in Cook’s Blue (although it wouldn’t be quite as high gloss as this).

  6. christian lee Says:

    Thanks so much Rachel!!
    I appreciate it and will send you a pic if it turns out well. Fingers crossed. Its only paint.
    Thanks for the suggestion – love Farrow and Ball. Excellent colors. Couldn’t I get the color sample and getting matched to achieve the gloss?

    As ever,

  7. Beth Says:

    Christian, it might not be as bad with the lighter blue. You could always paint a sheet of wood and lay it out to see how it goes. The test would be after about 3 days walk across in socks or bare feet and see if you can see the tracks.

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