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Crazy though it may seem, the EPA has estimated that 7 out of 10 wine bottles ends up in a landfill.   Considering that over 300 million cases of wine are sold in the United States annually, that’s a whole lot of bottles not getting recycled.  About 2,376,000,000 bottles a year, if my trusty calculator is to be believed.

All images via Bottlehood

While they may not be able to make a huge dent in that statistic, Bottlehood is determined to do what they can by turning some of those unwanted wine bottles into fun vases and glassware.

And if you think a wine bottle makes a good vase, check out what they’ve done with some other types of bottles…

I already absolutely loved the bottle shape for the new(ish) St Germain liqueur from France.  So evocative of the Belle Epoque’, with it’s tapering, faceted shape.   Imagine how happy I was to find that Bottlehood had included St Germain in their line!

And what a smart looking vase this hand blown Los Abuelos tequila bottle makes!  It would look lovely with a casual arrangement of tulips this Spring.

Although all paper labels are removed, many of the bottles retain their original screen printing, which means you had really better love Grey Goose if you want that particular vase.  However, there are many other attractive vases that have no labeling, including this one made from a bottle of Remy XO.

Made in San Diego, California, from bottles sourced at area restaurants, these vases are reasonably priced, with most falling in the $15-20 range.  The largest selection is available through their Etsy store.

Now if only we could help them empty the original contents…

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  1. Katherine Stevens Says:

    Loved these. Perhaps they will “catch on” as they did in the late sixties, when the earliest generation of “hippies” was making glasses from beer bottles, and the like. And then there’s that planter I made from an old wine bottle….

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