As Close As I May Get to Owning One

The Eames DCW chair, with its molded plywood seat and gentle curves, is an icon of mid-century design.

It also runs $629 for a new one from Herman Miller, and originals are well over a $1,000!   However, this wonderful, handpulled Linocut print by artist Eric Rewitzer of 3 Fish Studios is a mere $25, and although you can’t sit in it, it has equally lovely lines.

I love artists who work on a small, sustainable scale, and handpulled prints are a great example of that.  No mass produced posters, or over priced lithographs of cheesy cottages.  This is art by someone who loves working with their hands and having a connection with their craft.

There are ten different icons of modernistic seating in Eric Rewitzer’s series, all equally stylish.  Each print is signed and numbered as part of a limited edition of 100 prints.   You can purchase them individually at $25 each, or purchase the entire set for $200.  What an amazing gift for an interior design student when they graduate.

Hmmm…  well, I was thinking of going back for a masters….

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  1. Leslie Says:

    Ooh! I have the Eames lounger from his current show at Studio 3579 and I love it! You said it, I’ll pay for one of Eric’s pieces over the real deal ANY day!

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