Living With Cats & West Elm

I often say that interior design needs to be practical, or it’s not good design, no matter how pretty it looks. Take for instance, the issue of living with cats…

My two fuzzy lumps of lazy good for nothingness spend most of their afternoons and evenings sleeping on our bed.  I’m jealous.

That brought up a pretty serious sticking point for me as I reworked our bedroom scheme.  We desperately needed new bedding, especially after years of abuse by the aforementioned lazy lumps on what we already had, but how to have something organic, attractive and cat resistant all at once?  Typically we would make the bed, and within moments there would be a cat curled up asleep, who would then leave a big, rumply, fur strewn dent in our nicely made bed upon leaving.  Not the most attractive look.

Image via West Elm website

So thank you very much West Elm, for coming up with a lovely organic cotton duvet cover with built in rumpledness!

Available in six different colors, their Pin-tuck duvet is attractive AND practical. It also has shams, sheets and pillowcases that coordinate with it, so there is no difficulty in creating a new look for your bed.  Which is exactly what we did.

Another nod to practicality?  The ties on the inside of each corner, to keep your duvet from shifting around inside the cover.  For that alone, my husband is a fan.

And the cats?  They just ask that the sun keep streaming though the window, and they’ll be happy.

So thank you West Elm, for making something I really needed, at an affordable price, and with concern for the environment.  Maybe next you could figure out a sustainable sofa that won’t show cat scratches on the corners?  Well, a girl can dream can’t she???

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  1. rama Says:

    I have two cats to and they love to sleep on the bed. My oldest Mylo loves to get under the covers in the morning. I have to admit I stopped making the bed years ago and gave in to my good for nothings.

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