What a Relief – Gore Design

Like an extension of the natural world, the irregular topography of Gore Design’s Signature Erosion Sink has a beauty all it’s own.

Created in a studio which uses no chemical finishes, heavy metal pigments or plastics, this sink is only one of the many designs they offer with a nod to nature.  Gore Design also strives to maintain their commitment to green design practices by using additives such as fly ash both to strengthen their mix, and reduce the amount of Portland cement necessary.

If you have a minute, you really should see their tongue in cheek “obituary” for traditional concrete.  You just know someone had a lot of fun setting up those shots.

2 Responses to “What a Relief – Gore Design”

  1. Katherine Stevens Says:

    Love this! Don’t know if I would call it “erosion”, since the water flow would have to go downstream somewhere, but “sinkhole” would be worse. Actually, it resembles the reverse image of a typical hill in Tennessee – maybe call it “back to the land”?

  2. Caitlin Walsh Says:

    So simple and chic. The materiality of the fixtures and surrounding environment is elegant as well. Love it! I’d like to flip it vertically and use it as a shower wall or water feature!

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