Meet the Future – Ecor

What if you could have a 100% recycled, non-toxic, formaldehyde free material you could use for almost anything kind of interior application you can think of?   And what if that material was 3 times stronger than particleboard?  And it could be made in any shape you could dream up?  Think I’m the one who is dreaming?

That’s because you don’t know about Ecor yet…Founded by noted architect and environmental designer Robert Noble, Ecor takes the idea of corrugated cardboard to a whole new level.  Relying solely on discarded material such as old newspapers, cardboard containers, and agricultural fibers, Ecor creates the new from the old.

Still exploring all the possible uses for their product, Ecor is currently making furniture, partitions, structural panels, table tops and more.  Available in a variety of thicknesses, including a flat panel product, the possibilities are almost limitless.

As part of their continuing product development, they recently launched the ECOR-YourCOR program, which will recycle a companies white paper waste into panels, furniture, or other products.  They can even integrate that companies logo and artwork directly onto the panels or products during fabrication.

So what do you think you would make from Ecor?

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