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Plantation shutters.  In California, where I’m based, they are the window treatment of choice for most contemporary homes.  But even the most eco-sensitive people I know have had to compromise their sensibilities in order to have them.  Sustainable options have been rare, and often expensive.

Thanks to a new “British Invasion”, there is now an affordable, attractive, environmentally friendly solution for Plantation shutters.  Originally started in the U.K. as, of all things, The California Company, the British born shutter business saw an opportunity here in the U.S., and opened shop here in 2009 as The Shutter Store.

Designed for the do it yourself homeowner, The Shutter Store provides custom made, FSC certified wood shutters in just about every color and finish.  In fact, they will also match their paint finishes to any Sherwin Williams color – so black, white or hot pink, they can create what you’ve always wanted.  There is even the option of leaving the wood unfinished (at a 10% discount), which is great for those who want to go completely natural and use only an oil or wax finish.

For their painted shutters, they use fine grained FSC certified Poplar, but for the unfinished and stained shutters, the stronger grain of FSC certified Elm makes it the wood of choice.

For those who aren’t quite sure about ordering and installing shutters by themselves, The Shutter Store provides helpful videos and instructions to get you through the process.  And, if you really aren’t the DIY sort, you could always hire a local handyman to do the installation for you.

There are some real benefits to using The Shutter Store, such as the shutters all being made to order (reducing waste), the fact that all the wood is FSC certified, the large range of styles and colors, as well as the cost savings compared to other wood shutters.   Of course, some of that savings may come from the shutters being manufactured in China.  I was assured that the factory is operated with a fair trade policy, and that shutters are shipped via sea freight to conserve on fuel.  While I would love every item that is used in a home to be made by a local artisan, I think it’s important to recognize that economic realities make that impossible for most families.  The Shutter Store is offering a quality product, at an affordable price, made from sustainable materials, and I think that is a big step in the right direction.

What do you think?

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  1. Nick Davies Says:

    I used the UK company The California Company and your article says exactly how we found them, really useful information on their site which really made installing our shutters easy. We looked at other companies in the UK but these were head and shoulders above the rest. I spoke with their customer services and they were really helpful and helped me with the frame type as I bought shutters for PVC windows which was a bit tricky. Great read and great company thank you!

  2. John Vance Says:

    A friend used these guys to buy shutters said they were very helpful but he was dissapointed with the quality of the product. sorry he didn’t opt for local vendor

  3. Mark Carter Says:

    Hi John

    As the founder and owner of The Shutter Store and it’s overseas companies, I was disappointed and a little surprised to read that your friend felt let down by the quality of his shutters.

    Genuinely, we strive to surpass every customers expectations. Please can you ask your friend to mail me directly as I have asked our team and since launch, there’s been no negative feedback received regards the quality of the shutters.

    I’d love to hear personally and as such hope hear from your friend soon to help them.

    Very best regards

  4. Brian Says:


    It is worth a mention that Horizon Shutters constructs and sells high quality custom hardwood shutters. The shutters are manufactured in the United States (Los Angeles to be specific) and the wood used is replanted at a faster rate than it is harvested. The shutters are available in an unlimited range of paints or stains, and can be shipped nationwide. Take a look at

  5. Jeff Says:

    Be careful. The web site quotes 4-5 weeks for delivery but once you order you are at the mercy of the Chinese manufacture and the overseas shipping. My order is taking over 8 weeks to arrive to my home. I would pay a little more to get locally if I could do over.

  6. Larry Says:

    I’m a mechanical engineer and do-it-yourselfer. My windows are 60 years old, with screens on the inside. Quality installation required careful planning and custom shutters. The Shutter Store was extremely technically competent, professional, thorough and very prompt in pre-sale support. I’ve ordered one shutter to see how good they are and to verify what style I want for most of the windows in my home. Their price was also excellent. So far so good.

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