Check Out These Acoustics, Man! – Trevor O’Neil

Proving there is a way to re-purpose everything, look what artist Trevor O’Neil made with some discarded acoustic ceiling tiles…

“La Bombe” is a side table, with matching hanging lamp, which feels straight out of the 70′s – in a good way.  I love the orange plastic table top (40% recycled plastic), and how it positively glows with the light from the hanging lamp.  Of course, ceiling tiles aren’t the only acoustic material Trevor O’Neil has re-purposed…This is a sofa David Bowie, circa 1976, might have lounged on.   What a great retro feel this “Dulce de Leche Divan” has, with  that mass of dark cork it’s carved from.

Trevor O’Neil works mainly with reclaimed materials for both his furniture, and his line of jewelry.  Cork is a favorite component, and I’m hoping he continues to pursue new designs with the acoustic tiles as well.

As to why he has a fascination with all things acoustic?  Well, something tells me that the this DJ console he created might give us a clue.  Utilizing the same reclaimed cork that the sofa was made from, Trevor also incorporated some discarded pine beams from his childhood home.  I think he may have raided my parent’s house for the old audio equipment!

Trevor O’Neil’s work can be found on his website, his Etsy store and at the Tojo Gallery.

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  1. Katherine Stevens Says:

    I think that audio equipment is still out in the garage. Seriously, though, I’d love to obtain a turntable. We have a lot of LP’s to put on CDs…..Do you suppose he could design anything a wee bit more traditional? Sometimes it seems that only contemporary looks “cool”.

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