Primordial Light – Aqua Creations Apaya Collection

Let’s just get the adjectives out of the way – ethereal, luminous, amorphous, primitive, soothing, stunning,…

The amazing new Apaya Collection of lighting from Aqua Creations is all that and more.These glowing columns of light look like some ancient form of life on a David Attenborough nature documentary, and yet, they also have a contemporary, sculptural feel to them.

Hand crafted using the felting technique, these beautiful wool light sculptures retain an organic softness in their form.

As the layers are formed, sections of wool are allowed to remain unfelted, providing a glimpse of the material in its original state..

Says Aqua Creations of this collection:

While felt was mainly associated with craft, felt art is recently being culturally revived and acknowledged for its sculptural quality that allows sustainable art. Apaya is the contemporary result of a conscious design process: the combination of the old handcraft techniques with advanced lighting technology creating the very first accommodation of manual felt to contemporary lighting.

I love the creativity and liveliness of the Apaya Collection, and look forward to seeing Aqua Creations continue to experiment with the possibilities of natural wool felting in lighting.

2 Responses to “Primordial Light – Aqua Creations Apaya Collection”

  1. Morgan G Says:

    Amazing! Between these lamps and my husband obsession with succulents our home really would look like it belonged on the ocean floor. So very beautiful.

  2. Gabriela Murphy Says:

    Glorious!What a design with lights. Nice creation.
    Ground Lights

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