It’s Earth Day,… Again.

I thought of titling this “Happy Earth Day”, but couldn’t quite go there.  It’s not that today is unhappy (although I’m still recovering from computer issues this past week, which is why you haven’t seen much in the way of posting on the site).  It’s not even that I feel strongly that “Earth Day should be everyday”, and therefore don’t wish to celebrate today specifically.

I really just want to rename the entire day itself.  How about “Future Day” – since that is what we are really hoping this day will give us.  Or perhaps “Cool It Day”, because cooling the planet down a degree or two could give us a longer future.  There are all sorts of possibilities – “No Impact Day”, “Get Off Your Butt and Make a Difference Day”, “Sustainability Day”, “Do More Day”, “Do Less Day”…  Heck, we could call it “iGreen Day”, which messes with at least two trademarks.  That would get some publicity!

What do you think?  Should we rename it or just rethink it?  What would your name be for today?

3 Responses to “It’s Earth Day,… Again.”

  1. Katherine Stevens Says:

    ‘Get Off Your Butt and Make a Difference Day’ has a certain appeal! Gave hubby a “Green” page a day calendar, but beyond recycling the paper, he doesn’t seem to have made many changes…..

  2. Sudha Says:

    Quite true rachel :( just calling it the earth day wont work any more…@Katherine…thats more like it

  3. Morgan G Says:

    How about “Behave Yourself Day”?

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