So, Does It Work? – Benjamin Moore Natura

Wrapping up this week’s look at the mainstream manufacturer’s no-VOC flat paints, we have Benjamin Moore‘s Natura.

Manufacturer:  Benjamin Moore

Paint: Natura Interior Waterborne Paint (color – White)

Cost:  $49.99 per gallon retail (online)

Composition: Water based acrylic latex. Contains acrylic latex, titanium dioxide, nepheline syenite, kaolin, silica (amorphous), diatomaceous earth

VOCs: 0 g/l (grams per liter)

Certifications: GreenSeal, Greenguard

Color range: All Benjamin Moore colors available.  Tinting will not affect VOC level.

Coverage: Estimated by mnf. at 375 – 425 sf per gallon

Testing results

Paint odor in can – Typical latex paint smell, but undetectable beyond 3″ from can opening.

Consistency of paint – Even after repeatedly shaking can, paint remained separated, and had to be vigorously stirred to create a smooth texture.  Once homogenized however, paint was fairly thick and smooth.

Coverage – It took only 1 coat to cover existing dark tan paint

Drying time – 30 minutes till dry to touch.  Did not need to apply second coat.

Odor after one day – Undetectable

Adhesion after one day – Virtually no residue viiable on tape after removal.  Tape did not affect painted surface.

Note:  Paint provided by Benjamin Moore for our use in test.

Conclusion:  Very low odor and excellent hideability.  The average room would only need a single gallon to cover most walls, making the $49.99 price tag a lot more affordable overall.  It is also a plus that the paint can be tinted without changing the level of VOCs.  However, the paint does require a great deal of stirring to achieve a smooth consistency.

Note: We chose not to apply paint under ideal conditions, including the use of a primer, so your results may vary.  To read more about how we approached our review process, please read this post.

If you have any experience with this paint, please feel free to add your comments below.  The more people who share their knowledge, the more useful these reviews will be.

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  1. BENJAMIN MOORE | Materials Find Says:

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  2. Focalpoint Renovations Says:

    We’ve had a lot of success using the Low/No-VOC paints lately.
    They seemed to be very… what’s the right word… pastey? At first.
    They seemed to have improved over the last few years and we use them in almost all of our renovations.

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