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One thing about trying to write for (at least part of) a living, is that you become very annoyed at certain noises.  Not the sweet song of the little goldfinches at the feeder, or the burbling of the fountain of course, but rather at a certain DOG.  The dog who goes all Cujo when the mail carrier dares to set foot on our porch.  The dog who whines at my feet because she hasn’t yet discovered that I am not the only person who can let her out the backdoor – after 6 years of living here.  The dog who likes to howl at the top of her lungs whenever our geriatric cat gets stuck in a closet, or is otherwise yowling for attention.  You know, that dog.

I think I need to buy these adorable wool pillows by Cushlab, so I can put one over each ear.

And those aren’t the only fun, natural fiber pillows they have…

They also have this pair made of brightly colored wool felt, or…

these subtlety toned yet whimsical pillows, which look like an homage to the Slinky.

And this linen pillow, with its charming, floral applique in wool felt, is the epitome of Spring decor.

Says Becca, Cushlab founder and creative force -

“I have a great time designing, making and thinking about cushions, and can’t understand when people aren’t as obsessed by them as I am!”

Well Becca, if we could all make cushions as fun as yours, maybe we would be equally obsessed ourselves!

Based in Kent, UK, Cushlab is able to ship internationally, and will even take commissions for custom work.  They use wool felt and linen for the majority of their pillows, donating leftover scrap material to local schools for craft projects.

Uh oh!  I just heard the UPS truck…  Darn, it’s hard to type holding pillows to your ears.  Sigh.

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  1. Kathy Stevens Says:

    Love the linen pillow with floral applique!!! And the “slinky” pillows are great!

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