Iannone Design Takes Flight in 2010 Collection

Philadelphia based design firm, Iannone Design, has for several years been making some of the loveliest sustainable contemporary furniture I’ve seen.  Their 2010 collection, about to debut at the ICFF in New York, is full of new, stylish, yet whimsical designs that have already caught my eye.

Luckily, it’s not my eyes, or yours for that matter, that need adjustment to look at this great B-Bit armoire.  The butterfly is purposefully pixelated and rendered in squares of several different wood veneers.  Open it up…

and the well organized white oak interior can be seen.

In many of their new pieces, animals of the air provide the charm, whether it’s the pixelated butterfly, the little bird on the Trees Graphic Tall Dresser above, or…

the slightly disconcerting bee hanging out on the Dandelion Graphic Tall Dresser.

For those not as into all things flying, there are also simpler designs like Scrappers Nesting, a neat set of nesting tables using scrap wood for decorative inlay.

To see more great pieces from Iannone Design’s 2010 collection, as well as previous work, you can go to their website.

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  1. Kathy Stevens Says:

    I love these designs! Only two things stand between them and me….price, and my bent for traditional furnidhings.

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