Dude! – Recycled Surfboards

Maybe it’s because I went to high school in “Surf City” (aka Huntington Beach, CA) or maybe it’s just because it’s a cool way to recycle, but I think these surfboard showers are wicked awesome!

All images - Will and Jane Fowler

Created by Will and Jane Fowler out of used surfboards, and then covered in glass and mirror mosaics, each shower is completely unique.

Combining whimsy and functionality, these surfboard showers are also beautiful works of art.

You really couldn’t find something that evokes summer on a sandy beach more than this.

To find out how to order your own bit of righteous recycling, you can contact Will and Jane Fowler here.

3 Responses to “Dude! – Recycled Surfboards”

  1. Kathy Stevens Says:

    Some 20 years ago in Alaska we observed fences around homes made from recycled skis! When you have little wood, you use what you have!

  2. surfboard rental huntington beach Says:

    Go Huntington Beach! Creative, functional, and sustainable surfboards indeed. Are they for sale anywhere?

  3. Jane Says:

    Yes, they are on display at the following retailers:
    Chicweed in Solana Beach, CA
    The Lotus Garden Center, Palm Desert, CA
    The Village Garden, Redondo, CA
    or you may contact us directly at: inquiry@willandjane.com

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