[insert Dwell on Design 2010 review here]

Note: The above title for this post is a joke.  Since there was some confusion, I thought I would clarify – Rachel

For months I have been looking forward to spending last Friday attending Dwell on Design, collecting information and images of all the wonderful things I would see, and then sharing them with you, dear readers.  However, the best laid plans of mice and men,… and design bloggers it seems,… often go awry.  I came down with a nasty cold Thursday night, and have spent every day since in a slug like state on the sofa, surrounded by a sea of tissues and tea cups.

So, sadly, no review this year, but I will rustle up all the information I can on the event from other sites and share links to their take on it in this week’s Friday Wrap-up.  Meanwhile, I hope to be back in force by tomorrow so I can share many other great finds in sustainable design.

Till then…

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