Light in Translation – Crack Bowl Light

The international scope of sustainable design never ceases to amaze and inspire me.

Take for instance this beautiful wooden pendant lamp by Korean designer Kwon Jae Min.  For this piece, he used the natural fissures found in wood to allow the escape of light, creating an intriguingly ethereal design.  Appropriate to it’s form, the piece is named “Crack Bowl Light”, a name which has (most likely unintentional) implications in American culture that can’t help but raise an eyebrow or two.

However, despite a name which may have been lost in translation, the graceful shape and organic pattern of the sustainably harvested wooden shade are truly beautiful in any language.

2 Responses to “Light in Translation – Crack Bowl Light”

  1. Kathy Stevens Says:

    Only one word….Beautiful!

  2. Petra Says:

    These pendants are gorgeous. I particularly like the pop of red or blue cord against the cracked wood.

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