Fabulous Felt – Selina Rose

I’ve admired the striking felt designs of Selina Rose for awhile, and thought it was high time I shared them with you too.

Now, I’m not usually a big fan of shocking pink, but this rug is just the sort of cheerful detail that can make a room.  Using technology to cut crisp, whimsical designs out of thick wool felt, Selina Rose has taken an ancient material and given it a new, playful edge.

For her 2010 collection, UK based designer Selina Rose has continued her exploration of striking colors and nature inspired designs in new rugs, throws, pillows and even coasters.  The wool felt’s bright colors come from environmentally friendly dyes, making them safe as well as sustainable.

I love the clever butterfly cutouts on these pillows.  They really seem to invite you to peek beneath the wings to see what’s hidden there.So if you need a little cheer around you home, or are just curious to see more of her lovely designs, click here.  All of the products are designed and produced in the UK, but can be shipped worldwide.

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