Bright Idea – Make Your Lamp

How is this for a bright idea?

Recycled paper, molded into a shade, then fully wired and ready to go!  Created and developed by Polish designer Ania Werner, the Make Your Lamp manages to be both sustainable AND affordable.

But the best part?…You can paint it any color you want!  Lipstick red, lemon yellow, lime green – it’s all up to you.  Polka dots if you’re feeling really ambitious.  You can even cut into the shade if you want.

Every lamp has its own, unique serial number, and comes ready to paint.

Made by hand in Poland, these lamps can be shipped worldwide.  They would make a fantastic project for kids, students, DIY enthusiasts, or just folks wanting to find a lamp in a VERY particular color.  How the Make Your Lamp turns out is completely up to you!

2 Responses to “Bright Idea – Make Your Lamp”

  1. Kathy Stevens Says:

    Terrific. Reminds me of the string-around-baloon globe lamps we made in the 70′s. Wonder what she’s using for a form?

  2. Adin Says:

    Brilliant! Totally Green!

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