A Great Evening at Room & Board

I had the pleasure last night of being part of a panel discussion on green home remodeling, presented by the Orange County chapter of the USGBC.  My fellow panelists were award winning architect Brion Jeanette, landscape architect and TV personality Dean Hill, and energy efficiency expert Dan Thomson, president and founder of The Building Doctors.

Our moderator was the ever charming Cathy Baranger (with me above), one of the founding members of the USGBC chapter in Orange County.

Our setting was the beautiful Room & Board store at South Coast Plaza Village.  Love those recycled aluminum Emeco chairs.  So sharp!

They really pulled out all the stops to accommodate us, including setting up a terrific room for our panel discussion.

There was the wonderfully casual setup for our panel (we used the blank wall above to project a PowerPoint presentation).

And then checkout what they did with the audience chairs,… they arranged them in shaded rows starting with white and ending in charcoal.  I love it when people think of little details like that.  Makes all the difference.

I spent a little time walking around and checking out some of their sustainable offerings.  Take a look at a few of the things I found…

Love the cheery, fresh green of these great recycled plastic chairs from Loll.

These Toka baskets are individually hand woven by women in Zambia, from the roots of the makenge bush.

Beautiful handscreened prints!  Titled the Tree Series Linden, they are a limited edition collaboration between KleinReid and iconic modernist, Eva Zeisel.

This handsome sectional is upholstered in fabric made of 60% recycled cotton.

Wish I had the wall space for this great, vintage British trolley sign!  I have no idea how they managed to score these, but kudos to the person who thought to make them into wall art.

Wow.  Just wow.  For this, I’d MAKE the wall space.  This is one of 42 street banners celebrating a 2008 exhibit at the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco on contemporary Japanese fashion.  Banners for museums and events are always so beautiful.  What a great idea to re-use them for wall art!

All in all, it was a fun event, in a lovely, inspiring setting.  Room & Board store manager, John Fox, and his terrific staff made sure everything went smoothly.  All the wonderful USGBC people working on the event were patient with me as I struggled through my jet lag.  And of course, my fellow panelists were informative, engaging, and even pretty funny.  Thanks everyone!

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  1. Katherine S. Says:

    We, too, were attracted to the baskets. But then, basketry is a weakness of mine…probably goes back to the early days and the Choctaw baskets all the womenfold in my family had!

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