“You Look Radiant” – Art Glass Radiators

In many parts of the world, radiators are still the heating source of choice.  There are a lot of good reasons to use them, including avoiding the indoor air quality issues associated with forced air heating.  However, radiators have one little problem,…

they usually look like this. Hmmm…  not the most inspiring look for a room, is it?

Now this is a bit more like it!  Designed by European firm Tell Me First, these Art Glass Radiators are fully customizable with any image you provide.

The image is enclosed in glass, which then provides an effective screen for the thin line radiator concealed behind it.

They also make a clear glass floor and wall mounted radiator, which looks like it would work beautifully in a bathroom.

Since radiators are still pretty rare in Southern California (although my 1925 Spanish Revival house looks like it was originally plumbed for them), I don’t have enough knowledge to say whether these are a great solution or not.  If any of my Europe based readers have seen these, I’d love to get you opinion in the comments below!

3 Responses to ““You Look Radiant” – Art Glass Radiators”

  1. Katherine S. Says:

    The house we lived in when I was young had radiators, and as I recall, still does. These would have been a vast improvement. Imagine one of Mom’s paintings (at least a print….) in the place of the standard heater!

  2. Bob Says:

    Hi Katherine, I am from the UK and we use radiators for half the year, and yes these are an improvement. I am a engineer and on our projects the architects and interior designers are trying to hide the radiators and this makes them inefficient.

    But now I can give them a solution which will help us heat the room and add some nice art work to the rooms.

    I showen them to my wife and she is eady to order some, we are looking at pictures of our children on the radiators.

    This is definitely a winner.


  3. S Jackson Says:

    pic #3 is just incredible with the glass art.

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