“Light is Like Water”… – Liquid Light

One of my favorite short stories ever is the hauntingly beautiful “Light is Like Water”, by Gabriel Garcia Marquez.  In it, two young boys discover that they can make electricity flow from a broken bulb in the apartment, just like a tap, creating a lake of liquid light upon which they can float a little raft and have adventures amongst the islands of sofas and chairs.  I wonder if this is what Marquez saw in his minds eye when he wrote that story…

These beautiful fixtures are from Liquid Light.  The creations of Venice, CA based artist Tanya Clarke, they are formed from salvaged plumbing fixtures, hand formed glass drops, and LED lights.

Although lovely as sculpture in their own right, these fixtures really come into their own when you flip the switch.

Intended as a visual reminder of how precious a commodity water is, and our need to protect it as a natural resource, these fixtures glow with an environmental consciousness.

In addition, Liquid Light donates 5% of the purchase price for each fixture to the Polaris Institute, an organization involved in social change and global water issues.

The set of three fixtures above would look amazing over a bathtub, don’t you think?  Of course, they would look equally at home in the midst of a collection of modern art.

By the way, I originally saw these fixtures on Steampunk Home, which is a great site for those, like myself, who enjoy adding a little industrial edge to their interiors.

I think it’s a bit sad that Marquez never saw these pieces.  They seemed as though they stepped right out of his imagination…

“On Wednesday night, as they did every Wednesday, the parents went to the movies. The boys, lords and masters of the house, closed the doors and windows and broke the glowing bulb in one of the living room lamps. A jet of golden light as cool as water began to pour out of the broken bulb, and they let it run to a depth of almost three feet. Then they turned off the electricity, took out the rowboat, and navigated at will among the islands in the house.

This fabulous adventure was the result of a frivolous remark I made while taking part in a seminar on the poetry of household objects. Toto asked me why the light went on with just a touch of a switch, and I did not have the courage to think about it twice.

“Light is like water,” I answered. “You turn the tap and out it comes.”" – Gabriel Garcia Marquez

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  1. Kathy Stevens Says:

    These are absolutely incredible. What an imagination!

  2. Juliane Says:

    Wow! The cool metal and the liquid glass are great together. Warm and drippy against hard industrial, and the pieces are activated by light. Amazing, very unique.
    wall art

  3. Green Bag Lady Says:

    Very cool! Love them!

  4. irakari Says:

    Excellent combination of metal and glass, industrial style and delicate grace of glass!

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  6. Rafael Morgan Says:

    Just another copy of my Light Drop design, from 2007.


    Good luck with your “creativity.”

    Rafael Morgan.

  7. rachelh Says:

    Rafael Morgan – I wish you had approached me directly regarding the similar concept between your pieces and those from Liquid Light. I would have been happy to make mention of them in an update to the post. I certainly like to give credit for design concepts where credit is due.

    However, that being said, I suspect this is more a case of convergent design, rather than a direct copy, based on the time frame. Also, your work seems to be designed for production, using new materials and a polycarbonate (plastic) “water drop”. Tanya Clarke, of Liquid Light, is using recycled plumbing and glass for her handmade light fixtures, which makes them a more appropriate subject for my sustainable design blog.

  8. Monika Says:

    I absolutely love the lights, especially the chandeliers, love the industrial look and they are made from recycled part – great!

    Graphic Design and Oil Paintings

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