“That Girl” – Marlo Chair

As soon as I heard the name of this chair was “Marlo”, my brain did one of those connections things where it went from chair, to Marlo Thomas, to “That Girl”, to being eight years old, lying on the floor of the living room and watching re-runs, dreaming of one day growing up to have a husky voice, perky attitude, killer eyelashes and a cute and devoted boyfriend.   What does that have to do with this chair…?

Nothing really, except the name – and perhaps the perky attitude.

Created by SAGE in Design from bamboo that was bent without steaming, the Marlo chair features an eco-friendly recycled tire inner tube seat.  I find the form of this chair fascinating, especially that dramatic split down the middle.  Seriously, what holds the chair together?There are other pieces in the Marlo line, including this great Marlo Tire Bench in sand cast aluminum from 98.5% recycled auto parts.  Just like the chair, the seat cushion and back are made from tire inner tubes.  I have to admit, I’ve never envisioned something so futuristic and sleek looking coming out the remains of an old car junkyard.  What a great example of re-envisioning materials!

Both pieces are made in the United States, and are available in a range of colors and finishes.  Click here to explore more of SAGE in Design’s extensive range of environmentally friendly contract furniture.

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