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The world is awash in wine bottles.  And whiskey bottles, vodka bottles, beer bottles,… and – for those of you teetotalers – sparkling water bottles.  Even with the economy in the slumps, or perhaps because of it, we sure go through a lot of bottles.  So what can we do about it?

Well, Trend USA has decided to turn wine (bottles) into wallpaper!

Very pretty wallpaper.  Of course, it’s not really paper, but rather sheets of recycled glass mosaic tile that are used to cover a wall like a paper would, but with a much more dramatic effect.

Not only do I love the patterns they offer, but their website is fun too.  Run you cursor over any pattern image, and one of the bottle types used for that particular mosaic appears.  Once you click on the bottle, it takes you to a page where they show the different colors of tile used for that design.  You can also click on a link to download a list of the specific recycled content for that color.

Like any recycled glass, this tile can also be re-recycled once its time on your walls is done.  But as beautiful as it is, I doubt you’d be removing it anytime soon.

For more information on the wallpaper, as well as Trend USA’s other recycled glass offerings, you can visit their website here.

3 Responses to “From Wine to Wallpaper – Trend USA”

  1. Preethi Says:

    These are awesome :) lovem…..

  2. Linsi Says:

    This concept is great, but what I really love about these are the fact that I would actually use them in a space! The patterns are totally fun, the colors work…just well-designed all around. Thanks for sharing.

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