Gettin’ Twiggy Wit’ It – Sticks & Stones

I love it when someone takes the simplest materials and makes beautiful art from them.

Or in this case, lighting.  The striking light fixture above was made of twigs and handmade paper, by designer/artist David Ward.

Originally trained as a landscape architect, David Ward soon found himself more intrigued by the twigs and branches trimmed from the trees than he was by the trees themselves.   After exploring different ways of attaching and forming the twigs he had accumulated, he began to make three dimensional artworks from them.

Next thing he knew, he was receiving commissions for pieces from architects and designers, and his business Sticks & Stones was born.

Now he has completed over a hundred different projects involving lighting and artwork, both for commercial and residential spaces.

Because of the natural variation of the twigs, every piece he creates is completely unique.  I especially like the way the organic shapes of the pieces work to soften the otherwise linear look of the contemporary spaces they are created for.  They pack a surprising amount of visual interest for being made of such a common material.  Just goes to show the beautiful possibilities the artistic eye can see that others barely notice.

To learn more about David Ward and his work, visit Sticks & Stones.

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  1. Green Bag Lady Says:

    Oh, goodness, I LOVE this!

  2. david ward Says:

    Hi Rachel, you did an awesome job laying out the pictures and writing the text.Creative title too!
    Thank You,

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