Fearless Flying Chickens and Other Cool Artwork

I love this poster

I’ve never seen a more heroic chicken.  Have you?  That hen looks ready to take on the entire Luftwaffe all by herself!

The poster is just one of several great designs created for the Victory Garden for Tomorrow Campaign by graphic artist Joe Wirtheim.

Here’s another fave – “Grow Food“.  Guess I must have a chicken complex.

The posters, like “Break New Ground“, are a wonderful, fresh take on the graphic style of classic, wartime propaganda posters.

Kids and “Compost” are definitely made for each other.  Nothing beats rotting food and worms when you’re a kid!

All four posters are printed with an offset press on acid free, FSC certified paper, making their environmental message more than just pretty words and pictures.  They measure 12″ x 18″ and are $12 each.

Available through our OpenSky shop.

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  1. Kathy Stevens Says:

    Only $12?!? These would make awesome Christmas gifts for some of my friends!

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