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First off – the new December issue of Lonny Magazine is out today!  Gorgeous!!!

All images via Lonny Magazine

I have to say, the photography and interiors only get better as time goes by.  Love the pink and turquoise hues shown throughout the issue.  Wait, did I just say I love pink???  Ah well.

image by Patrick Cline

Although all the features are wonderful to look at, there was one article in particular I’d love everyone to read. Family Tradition” isn’t described as a “green design” how to, but it might as well have been.  In it designer Angele Parlange shows off her absolutely amazing New York apartment, and discusses how growing up in her family’s centuries old New Orleans home has given her a love for the eclectic aesthetic.

image by Patrick Cline

Isn’t it fun?  And this isn’t even the best image!

So why did this article in particular stand out?  Well, the longer I have worked in sustainable interior design, the more I want to shout from the rooftops that this kind of love for family history, antiques, and eclecticism is so important.  If we stop thinking that we must constantly replace the old with the new, then we can start to focus on responsibly sourced, well made goods when we actually do need to purchase something, instead of some cheap, poorly slapped together plywood thing from the local big box store.  Items made to last generations should be allowed to do exactly that, don’t you think?

Oh, and the article also has some great tips for adding history to your own home too.  So take a look and then see how you add your family traditions to your own digs!

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