So, Does It Work? – Graham & Brown’s Designer Paint

We are starting up a new round of no to low VOC paint reviews, to help you make sense of the myriad of choices out there.  Previously, we have reviewed some of the major manufacturers no-VOC offerings.  Now we are going to begin taking a look at some of the “boutique” brands out there, starting with Graham & Brown’s new matte finish paint.

Manufacturer:  Graham & Brown

Paint: The Colors That Made Britain Great – Flat Matt finish

Cost:  $35.00 per 2.5 liters – retail (online)

Composition: Water Based Acrylic resin emulsion, China Clay and other fillers, Titanium Dioxide Pigment, Natural and synthetic thickening agents, Surfactants, Defoamers, pH Modifier

VOCs: <2.9 g/l (grams per liter)

Certifications: none

Color range: 30 colors, ranging from white to bright red

Coverage: Estimate 275 sf per 2.5 liter can based on test results

Testing results

Paint odor in can – Distinctive latex paint smell.  Not overwhelming, but definitely still noticeable at 6″ from can.

Consistency of paint – Nice, smooth and fairly thick.  Sample can did have some congealed and discolored paint just around the inside rim, but that may simply be an issue with the sample size container.

Coverage – The first coat was enough to effectively cover up most of the existing dark tan paint, but a second coat was applied to fill in any small texture gaps.

Drying time – 30 minutes till dry to touch.

Odor after one day – Still noticeable, but not overwhelming

Adhesion after one day – Slight residue visible on tape after removal.  Tape did not affect painted surface.

Note:  Paint provided by Graham & Brown for our use in test.

Conclusion:  Excellent hideability, and smooth, low splatter application.  Very nice consistency.  Odor is stronger than I would like, but not unpleasant.  Probably best used in situations where the area painted is not to be occupied for a few days after painting.  Finish is very flat, with virtually no sheen.

Note: We chose not to apply paint under ideal conditions, including the use of a primer, so your results may vary.  To read more about how we approached our review process, please read this post.

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If you have any experience with this paint, please feel free to add your comments below.  The more people who share their knowledge, the more useful these reviews will be.

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