Etsy Find of the Week – Upcycled Vintage Writing Desk

Did anyone else do decoupage crafts in grade school?

Show of hands?

Yeah, that’s what I thought.  Most of us did.  Bet those projects never looked like this though!

This weeks Etsy find is a fun, funky revamp on an old desk and chair, by Etsy seller littlejoys.  Using torn up bits of old dictionaries, encyclopedias, and foreign texts, she has created a writing desk that is both charming, and maybe a bit inspirational – to those actually trying to write at it.  Either that, or distracting to those like me who tend to get writers block a lot, but never get blocked on reading what someone else has written!

You can see that a lot of time and effort went into assembling these two pieces, which makes the relatively modest $525 price tag for both all the more remarkable.

My favorite detail is the numbered drawers on the desk.  I think it’s what really makes the piece.

Sadly, I will never know the joy of telling someone, “oh, the stapler is in drawer #3″, because this set is only available for local pick up in the Chicago area.  So all my windy city (probably snowy city at the moment) readers, take note and snap this up.  It’s one of a kind, so act fast!

2 Responses to “Etsy Find of the Week – Upcycled Vintage Writing Desk”

  1. Laure Janus Says:

    Hi Rachel ~
    I am so VERY honored that you chose to feature my desk and chair on your blog! What a lovely surprise and quite a nice way to end a long and yes, snowy winter day. As for pick up in Chicago: I checked on shipping (freight) for someone who fell in love with it and lives in New Jersey; $350 dollars! I could drive it there myself for less. So, if anyone wants to fork out more than half the price of the furniture for shipping, I’ll gladly send it their way. Thanks again for the feature on your blog, it’s very much appreciated.

  2. Morgan G Says:

    Nice find, Rachel!

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