Drifting Into the Light – Bleu Nature

I’ll admit it.  Although I love the look of driftwood on its own, most of the time it just comes across as a bit trite when it is used in sustainable design.

But Bleu Nature, a design studio located in Northern France, has found a way to turn the trite into the sublime with their Kiinau collection of lighting.

By contrasting driftwood they collect along the French shoreline, with chrome or frosted glass shades and a stainless steel base, Bleu Nature gives the driftwood a sophisticated modernity that I find quite compelling.

Founded in 1995, this company sends out a team twice a year to comb the beaches for driftwood, which they bring back to the studio and turn into lighting, furniture and accessories.

Bleu Nature prides itself on the handcrafted aspect of their products, emphasizing principles of both sustainable design and “slow design“.

Well regarded in Europe, they are currently looking for a national showroom in the U.S. where their products can be purchased.  If you are in the U.S., you can inquire at Edge Consulting regarding purchasing pieces from the collection.  All others should contact Bleu Nature directly to find out where to purchase in your country.

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  1. Nicole Longstreath Says:

    Gorgeous! Such a great idea.

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