Etsy Find of the Week – Folding Chair Made of Wine Barrel Staves

My husband, as I may have mentioned, is in the wine business.  This means we have a house almost completely devoid of any wine related decor, other than actual wine bottles.

Why?  Well, if you are in the actual business of wine, then having your house scream “I love wine!”, just seems a little silly.  So, no grape embroidered tablecloths, no wine bottle chandeliers, and certainly no wine glass candles made to look like a full glass of wine (who came up with those??).

There is one bit of wine related design that I WOULD love to have though, and it is a chair made of wine barrel staves.  I’ve seen them and they are so lovely, and fairly subtle too, as wine related things go.  However, they are also out of my price range, or at least so I thought…

until I saw this beautiful chair from Etsy seller Viking1103.  It’s only $95!  Seriously, I can’t remember ever seeing one under $180 before, so that is quite the deal.

Made from the used oak staves of a wine barrel, the wood shows a rich range of color and tone on both the inside and outside of the slats.  The barrels are “retired” from use in the Santa Ynez Valley wine region, taken apart, and then turned into furniture and accessories.  If you go to Viking1103′s shop, you will see other interesting wine barrel pieces, such as a serving tray, a stool, and a side table.  Fun!

2 Responses to “Etsy Find of the Week – Folding Chair Made of Wine Barrel Staves”

  1. Dave Says:

    Hi Rachel-
    I represent Viking1103 on Etsy- and we’re absolutely thrilled you chose to feature our wine barrel folding chair in your blog! What a wonderful piece you wrote- we appreciate being included! We also enjoyed reading your previous blogs… keep up the great work! Cheers!! :)

  2. Whit McLeod Says:

    I say,
    This Etsy featured chair is cheap knockoff/ripoff! If you’re going to copy something, do it right for your own sake.
    Whit McLeod

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