Of Hospitals and The Homies

Dear Readers,

Thank you so much for stopping by to check out my blog.  Sustainable interior design is both my profession and my passion, and I always love sharing my knowledge with you.  Unfortunately, I wound up in the hospital for several days earlier this week and have had to leave you, dear readers, in the lurch.  I won’t go into details – this is, after all, a blog on interior design, not medical conditions (although boy was that a nasty shade of peachy beige in my hospital room!).  Suffice to say that I am home and on the road to recovery.  I’m very much looking forward to rejoining you on Monday and sharing more great finds, as I so enjoy doing.

Of course, a funny thing happened while I was away from my blog – it wound up in the voting for The Homies Best Green Blog!  I am in wonderful company, and honored to be there.  If you are here visiting because you saw The InterioREvolution on the list and wanted to check it out – Welcome!  Please feel free to wander around in the archives, and get a taste for what we do.

Uh-oh.  My husband is starting to glare at me for “working” when I’m supposed to be resting, so I’m going to go back to lying here like a slug.  It’s my only defense.


3 Responses to “Of Hospitals and The Homies”

  1. sudha Says:

    hope you are feeling better now….congratulations on the renest entry :)

  2. Karen Williams Says:

    Hope you are better. You got my vote! Good luck!

  3. David Johnson Says:

    Get well soon!

    David Johnson – Sidecars Furniture

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