Trending – Reclaimed Wood Wall Paneling

If interior design trends had a fashion week, reclaimed wood wall paneling would be strutting its stuff on every designer’s catwalk this season.

But if the very thought of wood paneling gives you nasty flashbacks to great-grandma’s knotty pine rec room, think again.

Gone is the over varnished look of yore. Today’s walls are all about texture and patina. That’s where the natural look of reclaimed wood comes in. It’s the perfect foil for warming up an otherwise sleek, modern interior, like this beautiful old growth white oak wall by Elmwood does.

Even in cooler, gray tones, a reclaimed wood wall can provide much-needed texture and interest to a room. Here it is reclaimed Berkshire pine barn siding from Wood by Stone Source.

The paneling doesn’t even have to be in, well,… panels. This dynamic looking wall, by Barnwood Naturals, was created using timber round end cuts.

For truly weathered appearance, and a striking gray patina, this paneling of Wyoming snow fence, by Centennial Woods, can’t be beat.

Reclaimed wood really gives a warm welcoming appearance, as this beautiful paneling by Pioneer Millworks does for a spa lobby.

Even with all the texture inherent in reclaimed wood, sometimes a project just needs a little more oomph. If that’s the case, these amazing carved panels from B & N Industries would definitely do the trick.

So what you think? Would you put reclaimed wood on your walls?

2 Responses to “Trending – Reclaimed Wood Wall Paneling”

  1. Jesse Pender Says:

    I love reclaimed wood. Even when it has nail holes and imperfections. I like when a building material comes with a story.

  2. Steve @ Eroomservice Says:

    I love wood, and that might make my opinion really biased, but I can’t get enough of this post. Really going to try to incorporate something like what Barnwood Naturals did up there for my next wood wall. I love it.

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