One Month, One Room, $100 – My Office, Week #3

This week the task is PLAN!

For those of us who work from home, you know our offices are often the space that we spend the most time in (at least awake time), and usually the messiest and most neglected too. It’s strange how that happens. We keep our shared spaces as neat and tidy as our lives will allow, but our personal and work spaces become cluttered and crowded. I am as guilty of this as anyone.

So, when I set about revamping my office, the first thing that had to happen was purging it, and then a thorough cleaning. This took a little longer than expected, due to my being sick at the beginning of the month, but things are well underway now. The next stage of my little office revamp is to plan out what I want to do. That is definitely the fun part! Here is a peek at what’s inspired me:

This image, seen on elements of style, shows the beginnings of what I’m planning for my color scheme. Because I work a lot with color, it helps not to have bright colors on the walls which might reflect on the paint chips and fabric swatches I’m looking at. However, I didn’t want to have just plain white walls, if for no other reason than the trim is already an off white. A nice deep gray wall, like you see in this room, is just the ticket. However this room is a little too formal for my taste.

Now this office is a bit more like it. While none of the elements for my office are exactly like this (except for the floor), the colors, textures, and general quirkiness are right up my alley. No wonder, because I found the image on a favorite blog called The Steampunk Home.  Just the place for quirky.  The one thing it’s really lacking is that little touch of femininity.

While this room goes a little too girly chic (for a room that is mostly gray), I really love the branches and those crinkly, cream colored curtains. I’m definitely going to include both of those elements in my final design.


I included this image, seen on The Decorologist, because I really love the dark gray wall juxtaposed with the black, white, and tan images. I’m not going to go quite that dark on the walls, but I still hope to wind up with something that has a really nice contrast.

Although my intention is to keep a neat and tidy office from now on (ha ha ha), as a person who makes their living being creative, I have to make room for the flow of ideas. These beautiful inspiration boards are from the office of Maya, of the marvelous blog MayaMade. I already have two large cork boards which I plan to put up on the walls for this very purpose. Though I’m not sure if I’ll manage to make them look quite so fascinating.

So next week is going to involve me being busy painting, moving furniture, and reorganizing my office. Because I’m a little behind, I’m not going to be revealing how it looks – and how I spent the $100 dollars – until the first week of April. Hope you don’t mind the wait!

Meanwhile, you might want to check out the progress friend and fellow designer Linsi Brownson, of Redefine Home, is making on her office. That storage and filing cabinet she mentions in her post is one of the things purged from my office. It didn’t work for my new design, but it will work great for hers. Will it be a race to the finish to see who can get their office done first?

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  1. kristie@thedecorologist Says:

    How exciting! Can’t wait to see how your new office turns out. Thanks for the mention :)

  2. Nicole Longstreath Says:

    I never thought I would like gray walls – but I’m really digging the inspiration photo. Can’t wait to see how it turns out.

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