Friday Wrap-up – 4/22/11

Happy Earth Day everyone.  Let’s hope this is the year people stop looking at the Earth as something to pay attention to only 1/365th of the time.

Meanwhile, here are some interesting things that caught my eye this week…

1. Love the way this couple “down dated” their contemporary house’s interior so it would feel like a home that had been there for a long time.  It doesn’t fight the architecture, but it also doesn’t feel like a tract home anymore. (Etsy)

2. On the opposite end, this garage door in a Victorian home makes me uncomfortable.  I understand there are parking issues there, but I don’t think preserving a historic neighborhood should only be about how it looks from the street. It’s clever, but is it respectful? (BoingBoing)

3. One of these years I will be able to go to the Salone Internazionale de Mobile (oh how I want to go!), but meanwhile I can look at other blogs for a peek at some of the great new talent and design coming out of Europe. (Apartment Therapy)

4. Love this elegant solution for how to house chickens.  A giant egg, just in time for Easter! (design*sponge)

5. Must read post if you want to update your kitchen, but don’t have the funds, or the desire, to rip out your existing cabinetry.  Here are 10 easy ways to spruce up your kitchen cabinets (could work for bathroom too!). (re-nest)

6. Beautiful gift to give, that also gives to a fund to clean-up the Gulf via the Bird Project (what? BP isn’t paying for everything???).  These lovely black, bird shaped soaps slowly wash away to reveal a beautiful, white ceramic bird made of Louisiana clay.  (reMade USA)

7. And finally, here’s an Easter egg that really puts the ones from Peter Cottontail to shame. Dang! (Craft)

Have a wonderful Easter weekend everyone!

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  2. Beth Says:

    I recently saw great reviews on Rustolium Cabinet Transformation. Not quite as fast as the suggestions in your link, but much cheaper than refacing or new cabinets.

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