Etsy Find of the Week – Embroidered Chair

Reclaimed wool blankets, reupholstered chair, hand stitched embroidery,… what’s not to like???

Here is a fun take on handstichery by Etsy seller abigaildace.  I love that she has given this simple chair such personality.  There’s something about the combination of doily like embroidery, mid-century chair, and gray wool flannel that makes me think of a stylish 50′s grandma.

Can’t you just picture an impeccably dressed older woman sitting there, martini in one hand, a copy of Vogue in the other?  Heck, how about a young hipster chick?  Although then it would probably be a glass of artisan crafted beer and a copy of Dwell.  Hmmm…  Either way, this chair has a truly unique style.

Of course, you would have to go all the way to Britain to buy it, which probably won’t work out for most of you.  For those of you residing in merry old England, this chair can be yours for a mere £800.00.  Might be just the thing for your sitting room, or maybe you could give it to someone as a classy gift?  I hear there is a wedding going on there soon…

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  1. Knit Blankets Says:

    My dental bridge just fell in the sink because I was laughing so hard while going over this article.

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