Tetrabox Lighting by Ed Chew

Single use drink containers have become a global habit.  A habit that will be so difficult to break, it could more accurately be described as an addiction.  Like mothers everywhere, I plead guilty to perpetuating the problem by occasionally buying “juice boxes”, aka Tetra Paks, for my son.  Although touted as being made entirely of recyclable materials, only 20% of U.S. residents have recycling programs available to them for the cartons at this point, and the numbers are probably pretty similar in other countries.  So what to do with all those Tetra Paks unlucky enough to exist in a non-carton recycling community?

Why not turn them into lighting?  That is what Malaysian designer Ed Chew has done.   Of his motivation for doing so, Chew says -

Packet drinks are one of the most favored soft drinks among Malaysians. We just love sipping packet drinks wherever we go and never actually bother about the thousands of boxes we discarded off after each quench, despite knowing the fact that landfills across our country are bursting at the seams.

Perhaps, it’s about time we adopt a paradigm shift in our attitudes towards making this world a better place. As for me, here’s a little GREEN step I am taking to help reducing the amount of waste going to landfills.

In the spirit of global responsibility for finding solutions to the problem, he shares his method for creating the lamps so the anyone anywhere in the world can make them too.  Now THAT is truly sustainable design.  Sharing solutions to create a better world for all.  Kudos Mr. Chew!

Seen on Yanko Design

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