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Granite countertops are SO last decade. So what’s taking their place? Good old-fashioned wood.



It’s always seemed strange to me that in the society where we remodel our kitchens every 10 to 20 years, we like to put in stone countertops that will last for centuries. Doesn’t it make more sense to use a material that, while long-lasting, is also biodegradable at the end of its use? Besides, wood countertops are not only better for the environment, but they have a warmth and beauty that can’t be beat.

There are plenty of sustainable options, including FSC certified wood, bamboo, and reclaimed wood. Take a look at some pretty examples and then take our poll:

Craft Art reclaimed chestnut


House & Earth Texas walnut


Plyboo Squared end grain bamboo


Old Growth Riverwood reclaimed wood


Antique Woodworks reclaimed red oak

A couple of worries I always hear expressed about putting in wood countertops have to do with staining and scratching. In truth, a wood counter would not be a good option for someone who doesn’t like the occasional imperfection. Good maintenance practices, including periodic use of a tung oil or a beeswax rub, and quick wiping up of spills will go a long way towards preventing stains. If the countertop does get stained, it is usually possible to remove it with a light sanding. The amount of scratching that may occur will depend upon the species of wood used more than anything else. The denser the wood the left scratching will occur.

On a personal note, I’m currently planning to put in wood countertops in my own kitchen.  I live in lovely house built in 1925, that was the victim of a late 80′s kitchen remodel, including golden oak cabinets and beige laminate countertops.  Ugh!  Plans for a full kitchen remodel (done right and with respect for the architectural style of the home), are on hiatus, pending, well, a lot of things.  However, painting those cabinets a soft white, and replacing the laminate with wood will be an inexpensive, environmentally friendly way to add a little charm to an otherwise charmless space in our home.  Due to budget restrictions, we will be opting for this wallet friendly countertop from Ikea…


To find out about other options, try my post on 6 Sustainable Countertop Solutions.

So, what is your kitchen countertop of choice?

8 Responses to “Trending – Wood Countertops”

  1. Nicole Longstreath Says:

    I’m really diggin’ the wood and so glad granite is OUT! When did we decide that kitchens had to be all stone and stainless steel?

    Love the warmth wood brings to a kitchen.

  2. kristie@thedecorologist Says:

    I agree that granite is sooo last decade, but every homebuyer STILL wants them (at least in the south! So if you’re selling soon, granite sells.

  3. rachelh Says:

    We have the same problem here Kristie. I usually try to talk the homeowner into a good quality composite if they are stuck on granite, and the added durability usually gets them to switch, but it’s an uphill battle for sure.

  4. Rama Nayeri Says:

    How much is the cost of the wood countertop from ikea?

  5. rachelh Says:

    If you click on the picture it will take you to the listing on Ikea’s website. They sell it in fixed sizes, but it works out to a little over $10 a sf. Their wood varies in sustainability – some is even FSC – but they don’t tend to tell you what they use on a specific item. None of it is from the rainforest though, so that is good.

  6. Melsey Says:

    I didn’t like the Ikea wood…it looked like a floor with all these individual pieces of wood and had cracks in the seams. We ended up buying a DIY wood countertop from Craft Art ( at their online store and really love it! Wood is good!

  7. Trent Says:

    These are awesome counter tops. They stand out a lot more than I thought they would. They look great!

  8. judy Says:

    Ditto the Ikea wood looking bad. We just purchased a sapele mahogany island countertop from Very friendly and easy to deal with and the top is the envy of all of my friends. Wood is good.

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