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Color is a funny thing. While individual colors are often associated with particular time periods or styles, those colors really only appear dated in context of the colors that surround them. Take for instance the color “avocado green”. Put it in a room full of “harvest gold”, orange, and rust, and you’ve gone back to 1972. But pair that same color with baby blue and white, and you’re right on trend.

These beautiful Valley tiles by ModCraft are a perfect example of an old color looking new again. Although brown glazed tile was ubiquitous back to the 70s, paired with today’s crisp white fixtures it feels completely fresh and exciting again.  Doesn’t the luminous quality of this particular glaze highlight the dimensionality of the tile perfectly?  Gorgeous!

Industrial designer David Clark’s passion for modern, handmade tile shows in the striking modular designs he creates in his Hudson Valley barn studio.

By reusing clay and glaze to reduce waste, and packing of of their products in recycled cardboard and cornstarch peanuts, ModCraft strives to reduce their impact on the environment. All of their tile is lead free, and made of non-toxic components.

ModCraft also makes a line of cute salt-and-pepper shakers, and some handsome porcelain lighting, amongst other great things you should check out.

So, what 70′s color do you find yourself looking at in a new light?

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