Finally – A Good Use for Plastic Bags

I hate plastic bags.

I wish plastic bags had never been invented. They fill our landfills, our waterways, and our streets. I have even found them stuck in tall trees, miles out in the heart of a forest.   However, we are stuck with them, at least for now.

So what to do with all those flimsy bits of plastic?

How about make some furniture!

That’s what youth empowerment program, Artists for Humanity, has done.

Each one-of-a-kind stool seat is made from colorful, fused plastic bags by the creative kids at Artists for Humanity.

What a commendable marriage of social and ecological goodness.

And they’re pretty darn cool looking too!


To find out more about Artists for Humanity, and all the other ingenious work that they do, visit their website and their store. You’ll be glad you did.

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  1. Nicole Longstreath Says:

    I like these!

    I imagine in the future, we’ll all be wearing either secondhand clothing or repurposed clothing from the days when we over-consumed and over-produced.

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