I’m loving this table concept.

Designed by Sebastiano Ercoli, this sustainably crafted coffee table concept takes user customization seriously.

With three separate, removable bins, and several different lid styles, a multitude of configurations are possible.

Usually the “plant in table” idea is so single purpose it bugs me, but here the ability to change out the way the surface space is utilized means that, if the bonsai idea doesn’t work for you, it’s no problem!  You can just take it out and put an iPad in it’s place,… or a plain flat panel,… or something else altogether.

How about cactus!?!  That’s definitely useful when you have plant crunching kitties like I do.  Bonsai wouldn’t last long around these parts.

Although this is only a concept, I’m hoping it comes to market eventually. If it did, what sort of specialized lid would fit YOUR needs?

For me, it would be built in coasters for a wine bottle and a couple of glasses.

Hey!  My husband is in the wine business, okay?  It’s work.  And he can’t drink by himself.  That would be tragic.

Ahem, anyway…

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  1. Beth Says:

    Love the built in coasters idea. Add a cheese board to make it even better! Maybe some game board surfaces – chess, backgammon….

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