Mix ‘n’ Match Wallpaper Collection by Kirath Ghundoo

Today is the start of 100% Design in London.  Wish I was there.  Then I could see fun new ideas like this…

The Mix ‘n’ Match 11 Wallpaper Collection, by Kirath Ghundoo, is being exhibited there this week.  It’s an exuberant assortment of digitally printed patterns, designed to be used in any combination you enjoy.  Because there is no need to match or repeat, there is no need for wasteful cutting and scrap (a great bit of built in sustainable design).  You can even use the strips individually to accent a painted wall.


There are seven patterns altogether, with LAVISH above being my definite favorite.  Love the colors!

To see the rest of the collection, visit Kirath Ghundoo’s shop here.

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    Sure. Go ahead and send me a link to the blog you would like me to guest post on, and I’ll see if I can think of something I could do for you. Things are really busy right now, so it may take a bit, but I’ll definitely try.

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