Etsy Find of the Week – Drop-Cut Side Table

All the world’s a stage,… and that means there is a LOT of scenery that needs to be built!

Unfortunately, with all that scenery construction comes a lot of leftover scrap wood.  Enter Etsy seller duolocal to the rescue – stage left.

Part of duolocal’s Load-Out series, the Drop-Cut side table is constructed entirely of leftover scrap lumber from theatrical productions.  Finished with no-VOC linseed oil, this table has a cleverly designed notch, just perfect for large books to rest in.

Or, if you are a young superhero in training, it’s a perfect place to stash your cars to keep them out of the hands of your arch nemesis.  Awesome!

Visit duolocal’s Etsy store to see more of the Load-Out series.

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4 Responses to “Etsy Find of the Week – Drop-Cut Side Table”

  1. Melinda Sherry Says:

    Hey this is my kid’s & grandkid Joel Sherry & (Julian) design. Brilliant. Talk about recycling in the most innovative way. Wish he would build a bunch of furniture for our old resort here in the Sierras.

  2. Amanda Arteno Says:

    my brother is brilliant! love it :)

  3. Lester Says:

    Great idea! Creative, beautiful piece… Love thier other pieces on this site as well. I’ll be in NYC soon so I’ll definately look them up. This table would be a perfect addition to my space…

  4. Frank Says:

    Eco friendly and beautiful…. The load out chair is amazing. Do they have a shop in NYC?

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