Working Wednesday – In San Francisco

I’ve been in San Francisco the last two days for work – yes, my job doesn’t suck!

If you follow my Twitter feed, you probably know that I’ve been attending a product launch for Zephyr’s new Next Generation Europa line of range hoods.  I’ll be writing more about the cool things they showed us later, but meanwhile I wanted to show you where they are putting us up while we are here.

The Orchard Garden Hotel is a LEED certified hotel!  Sweet!  It was only the third hotel in the country to achieve that designation, so kudos to them. In all my travels, it is my first opportunity to stay at a LEED hotel, so I’m enjoying it.

I don’t have the lovely terrace, but otherwise this is my room.  Clean, not chemically smelling (I hate that!), and lots of “green” features such as LED lighting, recycling bins, and the ability to turn the lights on and off just by sticking your key card in a slot by the front door.

I’m heading back tomorrow, so I will get back to my regular posting schedule then.  Promise.

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  1. Anne @diy projects Says:

    Wow! What an amazing bedroom! I’ve always wanted one like that with the doors that open out onto a sunny balcony. We live in the UK, so no such luck.
    One day however, we hope to move to Mexico. This would be the perfect opportunity.

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