I Need a Coffee…

Last night we took a “zombie lawyer”(aka my son) trick or treating.  This morning, he woke up with either a cold, or a really bad Halloween hangover.  So home he stayed, and here I sit, trying – not succeeding – to get things done.  I need a(nother) coffee.

I might also need this lamp!  Created out of 300 of those classic “It’s our pleasure to serve you” coffee cups (though I fear they were not used), by designer Christian DuCharme, this fun lamp hangs at the Lafayette Espresso Bar + Market in New York.

Lovely, no?

I’m off to brew that much needed cuppa joe now.

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Originally seen on Inhabitat, images via CollabCubed

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  1. Ashely A. Says:

    I have to have that lamp! Researching where to buy one now!

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